New Construction Portland Oregon

Our Experience with New Construction Homes in Portland

We have refined our home building process over the past couple of decades based here in Portland, Oregon and we are one of the best new home builders in Portland. We are experts at building new homes for you and are able to carry out any big real estate construction project for you.

Buying a new home is like buying a new vehicle or computer. There’s that new “thing” smell to it. To be honest we believe there’s nothing quite like that new house smell. We do our best to deliver a pleasant experience throughout the entire construction process. We actually care about our work and are happy to go out of our way to make our customers happy.

You should feel comfortable that when you buy a home in Portland, there should not be complications that come out of the construction work. You shouldn’t worry about the maintenance of your home for many years to come after you have bought your dream home. With our beautiful modern designed homes, this won’t be a problem. Every house is made to last because we use the best quality materials. There are many things that can possibly get in the way of buying that perfect home, let us reassure you, we will build your dream home the right way the first time around with our beautiful new construction in Portland Oregon.

The Best New Home Buyer Experience

With a highly refined home building and design process that we have built over the past few decades, we deliver a state of the art experience for building new homes on any lot or property over in the Portland, Oregon area – without a doubt.

The homes we build deliver some of the best industry standards when it comes to interior design, smart home technology, and energy-efficiency when it comes to our builds. We take the creation of each of our homes very seriously as it is an essential part of your life and comfort.

Until we pulled through, most homeowners have always had to go through the troublesome and time-intensive route of being part of the design process of designing a home. Just tell us what you want along with your budget and we’ll do the rest.

Highly Sought After New Home Builders in Portland Oregon

The homes we build are of the quality that other owners are always looking for – we deliver some of the best homes, if not the best quality homes in the whole Portland area. Timurland Construction offers the fantastic ability to have an excellent home built on any property.

With our specialized process, you can now concentrate on what really matters most;  customizing and making your home look just like the show-home of your dreams. With our design experience, you will be able to completely customize your home to whichever specifications you desire at any budget.

By offering plans that complement your particular lifestyle, detailing all of your home’s finishes, providing clear pricing right from the beginning, and a reliable project timeline, the Timurland Construction process will mitigate the complexities and uncertainty of building on your property. With our careful approach to building, we believe that Timurland Construction will provide you with the best-in-class home building experience and a home that will continue to grow in value for you, for many years to come. 

New Home Construction Process



We work close with our clients and answer any and all questions that they have.



After the consultation we come up with a unique proposal tailored to your specific home needs.



After all of the paperwork is complete, we can finally start building your dream home.


Final Approval

After all of the work is complete we do a final walkthrough with you to make sure you are satisfied.