Remodeling Contractor Portland OR

Our Passion for Renovation Work

Are you looking for a home remodeling contractor in Portland Oregon? Then look no further since Timurland Construction has your back. We can do anything from remodeling an entire house to a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel. No project is out of the question when it comes down to renovating your house.

Let us take care of anything and everything you have in mind in terms of home remodeling projects. With our high-end and top quality home remodeling services located in the Portland area, we will get your home looking brand new and appear like something out of a show home.

#1 Portland Remodeling Company


Whole House Remodeling

No matter how big or small your house. We always get it done right the first time around.


Kitchen Remodeling

Contemporary, Modern, Mid-Century, We can make your Kitchen look any way you can imagine.


Bathroom Remodeling

We've worked on hundreds of bathrooms, we help make yours accommodate any special needs.

whole home remodeling Portland Oregon

We are very passionate about providing high-quality home remodeling solutions that will ultimately please you. It is what we take pride in and live for! For decades, we have been working closely with customers, customizing renovation plans, and remodeling homes into things born out of the fantasy that typically you can only dream of.

Give our number a call to get started remodeling as your dream home’s interior awaits our excellent service (we are also very easy to work with).

If you want to start a project and remodel your home, we are hands down some of the finest contractors in Portland Oregon! Referrals upon request.

Kitchen Remodeling Portland Oregon

What better place to start remodeling than your kitchen? We are able to do anything from cabinets to walls and floors, our professional contractors can change your kitchen to look and feel brand new. Does not matter if the space is small or large, our team will be able to tackle the design and build the room into looking like a brand new kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen should be simple and not be a process that is dragged out over years. We aim to make any home owner we work very happy by delivering outstanding service when it comes to any home remodel.

bathroom remodeling portland OR

Ready to get rid of the old faucets? Or how about the old, retro worn out designs from decades past? Then you’ve come to the right place. As your resident home remodeling contractor, we specialize in dealing with these problems as we believe that your bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation instead of an uninviting place. With the help of a simple renovation to even a complete remodeling, it’s within our ability to meet any of your home redesign requirements. In the end, you can trust in us with any of your bathroom remodeling needs. We are able to lend a very helping hand when it comes to dealing with any of your home remodeling needs may that be your floor, bath or anything else!

Why Choose Us for home remodeling in Portland Oregon

As an expert remodeling contractor in Portland, we will complete any job with care from start to finish and place your home remodeling needs as our first priority. In addition, we pay immense attention to detail and will make any part of your home look brand new.

Is time a concern? When our team gets on the job, the project is done on time and with great precision. We want you to see results as fast as possible. We aim to work as prompt as possible by getting projects done at a fraction of the time that other companies would usually take. Just ask our past customers! We are one of the best remodeling companies in Portland Oregon.

Our Remodeling Working Process



We work close with our clients and answer any and all questions that they have.



After the consultation we come up with a unique proposal tailored to your home improvement needs.



After all of the paperwork is complete, we can finally start remodeling your dream home.


Final Approval

After all of the work is complete we do a final walkthrough with you to make sure you are satisfied.