14 Kitchen Islands that Make a Statement

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The kitchen is often the heart of the home. It's the place where families start their day, entertain family and friends, and make lasting traditions and memories. And at the center of most kitchens, you'll find a versatile, functional, and stylish addition: the kitchen island. It can provide extra counter space, cabinet storage, and seating but can also serve as the decorative focal point and the perfect complement to a great kitchen. We've gone through our archives of Timurland Homes kitchens, and curated 14 of the most inspiring kitchen island designs you'll want to copy and incorporate into your own home.

Chic Black and White Kitchen Island

1. Chic Black and White

A kitchen island can be just as functional as it is stylish. This high-end, chic black and white island, featured in our 2017 St. Jude Dream Home, provides great visual contrast to this custom farmhouse design. The unique island also features columned legs and an ogee beveled quartz countertop.

2. Seamless White

This sleek kitchen island fits seamlessly in this minimalist all-white kitchen with clean lines. The dark wood stools break up the white design and provide a place for the family to enjoy breakfast together. And the champagne-hued accents add warmth and a contrast of textures in this clean and tidy kitchen.

3. Paneling

Paneling can add texture and character to any kitchen island. The wide paneling used for this island helps create a sense of scale in this open kitchen. Select a complimentary color to subtly accent a muted color palette.

4. Dark Quartz Countertops

Bright, white kitchen islands are always a fan favorite but what if you're looking for something modern and a bit daring? Dark quartz can be a great addition to a kitchen island and they also offer lower maintenance, stain resistance and less visible seams.

5. Contemporary Farmhouse

The transitional design of this kitchen effortlessly combines the old with the new. White, wide-panel shiplap and white oak elements set the stage for this farmhouse favorite. The x-brace detail on the sides of this kitchen island provide a classic farmhouse touch, while metal and wood stools provide plenty of seating.

6. Pops of Color

If you prefer a neutral kitchen design but still want some color, the kitchen island is a great way to add that pop of color. The kitchen island is oftentimes the heart of the kitchen, so painting it in a bright color from the cabinetry is an easy way to help it stand out from the rest of the space.

7. Built-In Appliances

Today we have lots of appliances in the kitchen, there’s often not enough space for placing them all. If you’ve faced this problem, you can easily solve it accommodating the appliances in and on your kitchen island. Dishwashers, trash compactors, cooktops, and even microwaves, grills and ovens can be added to a kitchen island to maximize functionality.

8. Plenty of Storage Space

This kitchen island takes the "you can never have enough cabinet space" approach. This large island has plenty of cabinets on both sides to store kitchen essentials. White countertops and dark wood cabinets provide great contrast, while gold cabinet pulls add a touch of elegance.

9. Curved Islands

When you're ready to take your kitchen island to the next level, consider a curved design. This island helps give some dimension to the kitchen space, while providing a softer, more inviting aesthetic. It also provides additional space for seating and storage.

10. Show-Stopping Island

This grand island is not only the show-stopping piece of the kitchen but stands out in the rest of this home with its large dimension. The white marble waterfall design and dark paneling provide great contrast while coordinating perfectly with the rest of the kitchen elements. There's seating enough for the entire family and tons of storage.

11. Elegant Beveled Edge

Want to add some timeless elegance to your kitchen? A beveled edge might be just the trick. Decorative edges like bullnose or ogee add a sense of classic craftsmanship. This island also combines bright white cabinets with warm, contrasting granite to add some texture to the room.

12. Breakfast for Two

Even a small kitchen island can pack a lot of style and function. In this kitchen, the simple, blue island adds character and a spot for a meal for two. Additional metal drop-down lighting fixtures illuminate the island when in use.

13. Waterfall Marble

This grand island ups the wow factor with its unique waterfall design, wrapping the island on three sides. The striped white marble makes a strong statement and contrasts well with black faucets and lighting fixtures. It's also a great gathering space with seating for five.

14. Two is Better Than One

What's better than one kitchen island? Two. This kitchen features two wooden kitchen islands with white quartz countertops— both serve as a place to prep food while one also includes seating for breakfast or a coffee break.

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